PackageKit Items Not Found wiki outdated, how to help?

The wiki page of PackageKit Items Not Found seems outdated. As far as I know mp3 is not patent encumbered any more, because the patents have since expired world-wide. So I think the reference to mp3 should be removed on that wiki page.
Now the problem is that this is legal stuff and I prefer not to mess with it without some discussion first. However, I can only edit the wiki entry, but cannot add to the discussion tab. There is simply no button I could press to add an entry to the (admittedly short and outdated) discussion. Is that feature of the wiki not used any more, or am I just using it wrong?

Maybe try posting to the docs teams mailing list?

or posting this question on

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If you do not see the edit button, you are not allowed to edit.
@grumpey had good advice.

I do see the edit button for the article and I can edit the article, but I do not see an edit button for the discussions page. That seems odd to me.