Package xorg-x11-xdm is missing on f37


Package xorg-x11-xdm is missing on f37. Did I miss something…


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Hi @pearcep , welcome to the community.

It looks like it was orphaned quite a while ago, and then automatically retired because it didn’t have a maintainer as per the community policy:

From the sources, it looks like the last release for it was from 2009, so perhaps it no longer works, or is no longer maintained upstream and/or the package maintainer did not use it any more and so didn’t want to maintain it.

You should be able to build it for yourself if you wish, or you can take over the package in Fedora and maintain it—it doesn’t look like a lot of work, assuming it still works. You may even be able to just use the F36 rpm that you see there—sometimes they continue to “just work”.

I’m not surprised. The last time I used XDM was probably around 2008 and that was on a BSD box.

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One thing you could try to do is download the src.rpm from koji and attempt to build it yourself for f37 with rpmbuild --rebuild. You won’t get updates for it that way, but it doesn’t look like there are going to be any updates for it anyway.

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The last xdm update was in 2019. 1.1.12 included 7 years of changes. Changelog is at

A person could probably build it themselves.