How to best install compiled programs (e.g. xfd)?

I wanted to install xfd, and while it looks like it was included in xorg-x11-apps, that package is gone: Commit - rpms/xorg-x11-apps - e4469df65397004ab19a898ca350195f017891a2 -

Since also dnf provides '*/xfd' doesn’t seem to find this tool. I think I have to compile it myself. But I’d like to install it as package afterwards.

What is the easiest way to accomplish this? For debian checkinstall exists, is there a similar easy-to-use solution for fedora? Thank you

It looks like that package was last built for Fedora Linux 34.

You should be able to clone that and use rpmbuild to compile it as a rpm. Then you could install it as a package on your system with dnf or rpm.

Thank you, in this case I seem to be lucky then. But what about software that has no .spec file yet? Is there a simple checkinstall-like way to get a .rpm out of an arbitrary build-command?

I don’t know of any way/software to auto-generate a .spec file. But I’m not a packager. You might find people more knowledgeable about such things in Feodra’s “devel” Matrix channel.