Package for Qt6 HttpServer?

Hi community,

I was using the new HttpServer component from Qt6 (>= 6.5.0) and was wondering if there is a package for it in Fedora repositories. I couldn’t find one unfortunately so far (I tried via dnf provides Qt6HttpServerConfig.cmake, dnf search qt6 | grep http, and via checking the list of dnf search qt6 manually; I’ve checked both on 37 and 38, both have Qt 6.5.1 at the moment, which theoretically provides it).

Is it maybe there, but I missed it?

Is there maybe a place where I can look if such a package is being planned or in the process to be added?
Any pointers on where I should start if I want to propose adding the package?

probably this one. but it’s kinda unofficial a bit User Documentation — COPR documentation

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The latest build seems to be based on 6.5.0 and failed, I guess I have to check this COPR site a bit more on how I could maybe build on this and create a recent build.

Thanks very much for the pointer!

Do you maybe know if the build scripts or similar are available somewhere? On a quick glance I didn’t find those there - the package git repo Package qt6-qthttpserver in solopasha/qt6-qthttpserver only contains a standard .gitignore as far as I can tell (please excuse my ignorance, rather new to this).

I never used qt http server so oops)

the files is here

spec file, src.rpm etc

The latest build seems to be based on 6.5.0 and failed

its failed for f37 but for f38 its ok

and there is previous build

Ah yes, I didn’t dive deep enough, thanks for the link!

I just set up my first own COPR build; successfully built for Fedora 38; and then installed my package there. Yay!
I realized though, that now there is already an official qt6-qthttpserver package available now from the updates repository :laughing:.

Also managed to set it up for Fedora 37 now though, where it doesn’t seem to be avaiable yet!