OTPClient token export search

Hi everyone,
I trying to find the exported file by OTPClient. The funny thing is the file is missing. The thing is that I can remove OTPClient from my system without the need for the token. But I find it interesting that the file is missing. So I would like to hear the communities opinions and suggestions on how to find the missing export.

Is this a hidden directory? .var/app/
Do you have show hidden files activated or are you using the option -a when list ls it in terminal ?

It’s not hidden.

I did use the option but still the file is missing.I even repeated the export a couple of times but no export files to be found.

Well, either the file is there somewhere or OTPClient lies :slight_smile:
Working on the former, try finding the file from the command line: find ~ -name andotp_exports.json would be the first choice, assuming the file is named as it says (of course it should be exactly where it says). Second try might work on variations, such as find ~ -name "*exports*" (contains ‘exports’ in the name) and so on. Or, instead of searching from “~” which is your home directory, search the whole computer, but that takes a long time and is best done with root privileges to allow searching protected areas.

You said just above that the directory is not hidden.
The image you showed (with your user name blocked out) seems to show that path may be /home/USER/.var/app/com.github.paolostivanin.TOPClient/data/andotp_exports.json
If the file was saved as shown, and the path is as indicated then it is certain that the directory ~/.var is a commonly hidden directory under your home directory. If it is not hidden then please show the full path and if possible use text posted within the </> Preformatted text tags available on the tool bar above.

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I was able to find the file using the command line , :rofl: the best thing is that I already tried the same command before and nothing. The only thing I did before that was that I exported the file again (this is my 22 time :smiling_face_with_tear:). Now I just need to open it and I am done. Thanks for the help and your time everybody. I still don’t understand what happened , OTPClient didn’t have any similar reported issues that I could find.