Help me to shift from system enigmail to official enigmail due to lack of maintainer

Hi. After upgrade to thunderbird version 68.1.1, enigmail from Fedora repositories became incompatible with thunderbird.

The problem is that currently no maintainer for Fedora enigmail package & no upgrade for it & it is currently on version 2.0.8-4 which is incompatible with new thunderbird.

Please see the following:

Now, I like to shift from Fedora enigmail (package in Fedora repositories which currently has no maintainer) to enigmail from add-on page directly. It will done as following:

  1. remove Fedora enigmail:
    sudo dnf remove thunderbird-enigmail
  2. restart PC
  3. install enigmail from add-on page of thunderbird directly.

But the problem is that: I did not took backaup for my PGP with private part. I’m even did not took revocation certificate to revoke my key. Is it safe to remove Fedora enigmail & replace it by enigmail from add-on package ?

  1. Does this will make new enigmail from add-on page automatically recognize my open PGP key ?

  2. how can I export my Fedora enigmail profile to new enigmail from add-on page, so that I can reuse my enigmail setting that I’m already set if from before when I was Fedora enigmail ? Where is the location of such profile ?

Any help will be appreciated.

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Your keys should be stored in ~/.gnupg. You can use gpg --list-secret-keys to confirm and take a backup of that entire directory to be sure.

Thank you very much. But I’m asking about where can I find the profile of enigmail (not gnupg)! Where is the location where can I find my Fedora enigmail which currently not work ? I need to know this location so that I can copy it’s contents (the profile of it’s setting that I set), to the new enigmail from add-on page.

Search files by name:

find ~ -iname "*enig*"

Search recently modified files:

find ~ -mmin -5

enigmail addon in addons.

Dear I clicked “Ctrl+H” to show hidden folders & then navigate to:
but I did not see addon inside it ! I saw 2 files & a folder. I opened the folder & also did not see addon ! I saw, among many other things, the following:

  • a file called “enigmail.sqlite”
  • a file called “addons.json”
  • an archive called “addonStartup.json.lz4”
    I do not know if any of these are related ?

Moreover, now I’m facing other problem: I tried to remove old .RPM enigmail package by command line, but I received the following error for which I aborted the process:

sudo dnf remove thunderbird-enigmail
Modular dependency problem:

Problem: conflicting requests

  • nothing provides module(platform:f31) needed by module gimp:2.10:3120190904121229:f636be4b-0.x86_64
    Dependencies resolved.
    Package Architecture Version Repository Size
    thunderbird-enigmail noarch 2.0.8-3.fc30 @fedora 8.6 M

Transaction Summary

Remove 1 Package

Freed space: 8.6 M
Is this ok [y/N]: N
Operation aborted.

What is this ??!!!
Any help is much appreciated !

For removing addon in Thunderbird go to preferences, addons and delete the addon.