How to migrate GPG key from enigmail to native TB?

FYI: Since the update 68 → 78 removes Enigmail (PGP is now included in Thunderbird itself), Thunderbird provides a migration wizard under “Tools → Migrate Enigmail settings” that will recover all things Enigmail and convert them to the new system, so you don’t loose your keys/settings.

You’ll need to update Enigmail to 2.2 after updating to TB78 (installable via Addons) for that. See also here.

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Anyone knows what to do if the migration assistant is not available?

Double-check that you have the Enigmail v2.2 plugin installed? The way I understood it all migration functionality is contained in that. TB should have updated it automatically for you, but maybe that didn’t happen.

Good catch @lcts, I had thunderbird-enigmail installed from Fedora repo, version was 2.1.6 . A newer version has actually not been built for Fedora: thunderbird-enigmail | Package Info | koji

I was able to upgrade to 2.1.8 from but that is not 2.2.

Weird - has different versions than I’m sure that is not how it is supposed to be.

Anyway: Enigmail 2.2.x from

Maybe file a bug for that? TB 78 is now in all repos except F31 (where it is in Testing), so thunderbird-enigmail-2.1.whatever will no longer do anything & everybody who uses that package will run into your problem.

Sorry to ask (dfferent topic), do we already see a meaningful migration description for enigmail users to tb 78? I have/had a working tb68 + enigmail config. And when upgrading to 78, I found no meaningful way to import my keyrings. public keyrings did not accepted for import, private keyring import did not let me select specific keys but seems to require I have on me the information to all the private keys that I ever have used.

According to upstream:

  1. Update to 78
  2. Install (if it doesn’t update automatically) Enigmail 2.2.x from
  3. Migrate (if TB didn’t prompt to do so automatically) your Enigmail stuff via Tools → Migrate Enigmail settings

(Caveat: I haven’t tested this myself yet, but it has worked for people on the devel mailinglist)



That’s - so .net rather than .org.

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Thanks, I fixed the links.
(also, the fact that mozilla and firefox are .org, but thunderbird is .net … grrrrrr, set up some aliases …)

An updated plugin is in testing now, so that’s gonna solve the problem for people with plugin installed from repo: is what I meant ( not

I can confirm this worked.
Note: You must remove thunderbird-enigmail if it had been installed from Fedora repo (which for me was the case). (then update to tb78, then install enigmail from the addons store, …)

@ingli, you are right, we started discussing a topic, so I’ve moved the discussion to a new thread. Did it work for you?

@lcts’s proposal worked, thank you.

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