org.gnome.Tetravex cannot start

This happens to both Fedora 34 (fully updated) and Silverblue 34(fully updated) .

When immediately installed via Gnome-Software, it works.
Both machines idles and sleeps, after resume, starting Tetravex core-dumped.

Started Process Core Dump (PID 8483/UID 0).
Apr 20 21:50:39 amdf systemd-coredump[8490]: [🡕] Process 8443 (gnome-tetravex) of user 1001 dumped core.
                                             Stack trace of thread 2:
                                             #0  0x00007feff8b85292 raise ( + 0x3d292)
                                             #1  0x00007feff8b6e8a4 abort ( + 0x268a4)
                                             #2  0x00007feff8bc7cd7 __libc_message ( + 0x7fcd7)
                                             #3  0x00007feff8bcf95c malloc_printerr ( + 0x8795c)
                                             #4  0x00007feff8bd0e83 _int_free ( + 0x88e83)
                                             #5  0x00007feff8bd4a58 __libc_free ( + 0x8ca58)
                                             #6  0x00007feff98921ed n/a (/usr/lib64/ + 0x5a1ed)
Apr 20 21:50:39 amdf systemd[1]: systemd-coredump@1-8483-0.service: Deactivated successfully.

The problem still there after reboot. Also after remove/reinstall of the flatpak app

At the Fedora 34 machine, I installed the RPM version gnome-tetravex-3.38.2-2.fc34.x86_64 . It works normally.

Side question: why abrt do not ask me to report this core-dump?

Probably to keep the Bugzilla team protected to get addicted to games :laughing: or probably it’s not in their responsibility. I think so … being a part of the gnome project makes them (GnomeProject) responsible.

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I see lots of gnome stuff in the tracker, so I don’t think that is it.

Someone mentioned that abrt is not installed in silverblue. My guess is that they don’t want to overload their system. :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like there are also some types of errors that they don’t want cluttering up their reports (for example, “out of memory”).


Fedora 34 Workstation also have the same issue, and abrt also not activated…

It looks like abrt doesn’t work well with flatpaks: Reporting problems in Flatpak applications - ABRT

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Thanks a lot for the pointer!