How to collect flatpak backtrace for bug reporting?

Continuing the discussion from org.gnome.Tetravex cannot start:

Further to the above and from the bugzilla entry, I learnt that it is possible to collect a backtrace using debuginfod .

I am new to running debuggers. Please help.


Maybe these two documents can help you:

Regards., HTH

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Thank you very much!

I managed to collect the backtrace by:

(For both Silverblue and Workstation 34)

$ flatpak run --command=sh --filesystem=home --share=network --devel org.gnome.Tetravex
# on first run, it complains missing runtime
$  flatpak install runtime/org.fedoraproject.Sdk/x86_64/f34
# install as above and run again
$ flatpak run --command=sh --filesystem=home --share=network --devel org.gnome.Tetravex

    [ org.gnome.Tetravex ~]$ DEBUGINFOD_URLS= gdb /app/bin/gnome-tetravex

    (gdb) set style enabled off
    (gdb) run
    (gdb) bt full

ref for debuginfod:

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