Operating System is missing in ISO (gnome-boxes)

i use ubuntu in gnome-boxes …then i wanted to reduce the size allocated to Ubuntu so i just went to preferences and reduced the storage limit and due to it my ubuntu is not even opening …
so i removed the ubuntu and made a fresh download of ubuntu 23 live server and tried to install now it is showing like this

Im sure virtualization is enabled
I tried with multiple iso files and it is showing the same in every case… any suggestions ???

You can try using virt-manager:
Access / change floppy images in Gnome Boxes - #2 by vgaetera

You can do a “Search for an operatinf system…” and select the ubuntu version that closest match. That will let you continue.

this is regarding gnome-boxes not working properly but not selecting Ubuntu versions

According to your description you got stock by “Operating System not found”, and clicking on the box below that let you get further.

i didnt get it …???