Old logo used here


this page is still using the old logo. There used to be a page to report the usage of the old logo. But how can it be found?

where can I report the old fedora logo - Google Search does not find it

Logo - Fedora Project Wiki shows the old logo…

https://getfedora.org/ shows the new logo - so the new logo is done, isn’t it? So many instances of the old logo make me doubt that we have the actually have the new logo.

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I was directed to this:


Yes, thank you. Is there a resonable path to find this other than tribal knowledge or asking someone in a forum? - And I reported it there 6 months ago, already :see_no_evil: Issue #24: Old logo at http://fedora-discussion-v2.trydiscourse.com/ - spot-the-old-logo - Pagure.io

In general, it’s not super-urgent to get all uses of the old logo converted to the new one. In fact, for $REASONS, Legal prefers us to do a gradual roll-out.

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