Logo for the Fedora Marketing team

Sorry, I’m C&P the content of the ticket

The marketing team was a point of contact to know everything that was happening in the Fedora Project. That old team faded in time, and now I’m doing an effort to revive that team, where news, announcements and social media relationships can be found and everyone in the Fedora Project can use to spread the word about Fedora Linux. The announcement of this revival is in preview at Let's try to do marketing as a team again! – Fedora Community Blog

The only previous reference is the banner that was on the Wiki page:


I commented on the ticket, but for reference I will drop this here as well. There are some updated Marketing Team logos with the new Fedora logo incorporated, see: Issue #764: Updated team logos for outreach teams - design - Pagure.io


Awesome! I never saw that! I will close the ticket, thanks!

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