Official nmap GUI (Zenmap)

Has anyone else hit this issue?

Yes, there is a long issue from maybe :fedora_classic: 34.

I’ve reporter a time ago to the zenmap dev mailing list without response…

altought you can install from flatpak


But there is a tradeoff, as mentioned in the package description:

This version of Zenmap has a user restriction due to Flatpak: It can’t be run as a root user. For all but some specific cases this package should offer feature parity, but it’s important to understand that this is trade-off between security and power.

I think Zenmap no longer has Python 2 dependencies. So maybe we should recontinue the dnf package for Zenmap.

I confirm that Zenmap no longer uses Python2 :

Updated ArchLinux package (7.94 version) shows that only Python3 is used :