Nvidia suspend issues with weird errors?

Hey all, I’m stumped on this one.

I’ve got a F36 machine with some Nvidia cards in it that won’t suspend properly. It technically does suspend, and it does recover technically, but the machine can’t output video, and it runs just enough to run sshd for some troubleshooting. When the machine recovers, it recovers, freezes up for 2 minutes, then comes back with a bunch of kernel oopses and dmesg saying:

[  751.141615] nvidia-modeset: ERROR: GPU:1: Failed to bind display engine notify context DMA: 0x1a (Ran out of a critical resource, other than memory [NV_ERR_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES])
[  751.166541] nvidia-modeset: ERROR: GPU:1: Failed to allocate display engine core DMA push buffer

I’m running 5.19.3 with the Nvidia driver being 515.76 from RPMFusion.

I’m not sure where to start diagnosing this one, so if anyone could help me point me in the right direction, I would be grateful. Thanks!

That is a really old kernel. Current is 5.19.14
When was your last update?
Many issues have been fixed with different things over the last few months so it is always recommended to update the system to the latest before diving in to fix something that may have already been solved.

There have intermittently been some suspend issues reported, but also lots of advice on how to manage them on this forum. A quick search should give you several pointers,

I tried updating. Same result.

And have you tried the suggestion to search for similar issues in recovery from suspension? Several are available and most have a solution but I do not have time to do the research for you.