Cinnamon/Nvidia combo freezes after suspend, any idea's to fully solve this(workaround provided)?

I’m trying Cinnamon on both my workstation and I love the DE. But obviously, nvidia is being a bitch.

I have tweaked and searched much with this setup and I am positive the problem lies in the drivers (RPM-fusion. negativo’s drivers are even more allergic with my card then nouveau, and that is saying something). I started with the early f30 setup, no problems. A completely updated setup also gives no problems, but as soon as I install the drivers, my system will not suspend anymore. A workaround is using “systemctl suspend”, but obviously that is not was is supposed to happen.

What I want is to break out the nivida-GPU and send it back in the rudest way possible, but I’ll settle for helping solve this problem within Fedora/Cinnamon. Does anybody have any idea where I should look? Journalctl gives me no info, because it stops just before the suspend (I did a few tries with this where I timed the suspend on the second) and I can’t find any sites which also have this problem, with the exception of very old ones. The arch-/gentoo-wiki also could not provide a answer to this.