Nvidia drivers / Is there are a difference in F35 X server setting display and F36 X Server setting display?

It seems that I have downloaded the Nvidia drivers and I can use them perfectly fine. However I was getting great performance in F35 in gaming, but in F36 the performance seems worst and there’s also heating issues. Also in F35 my X server page was looking something like this

But now in F36 its something like this,

It seems that I cannot fully use my Nvidia drivers, I have looked online to see what am I missing but no luck. Please Help… It seems I downloaded the Nvidia but I am also missing some settings …?


( The above image is what it looks like in Xorg).

In Wayland mode the X server settings looks like this,

a) There’s either a difference in X Server Settings between F35-F36 or theres something that I am missing.

x11 and wayland are 2 different DMs. They also interact with the nvidia tools differently. Thus you see differences. This is not caused by nvidia but by wayland vs xorg since they both use the same nvidia-settings tool.

Thanks for your answer. So, the second image the correct one for the Xorg right ? and I properly loaded Nvidia. Cause I cannot see the first image in Xorg…