Why is the nvidia settings panel so limited?

So after installing Nobara 36 Gnome and having updated my nvidia drivers and enabled nvidia prime the only thing i see in the nvidia settings panel is a few menus when its supposed to be filled to the brim with options (this didnt happen after installing the nvidia drivers its been like that the whole time)
if anyone could please tell me why this is it’d be great cuz i’m missing a lot of options here…
oh and btw im not super linux-nerdy so please explain it in as simple terms as possible and just guide me through it

I’m guessing you are using a laptop, since you’d at least get monitor related options if you had a display plugged in (or an external monitor, in the case of a laptop). But yeah, it’s one of the reasons the Linux community tends to dislike NVIDIA.

They don’t provide a lot of options to tweak and their Settings panel clearly doesn’t get as much love and care as their Windows one, and since their drivers are closed source the community can’t create applications to do so themselves. There are a couple of things you can get, like nvtop if you want a more graph focused monitor for your GPU activity through the terminal, or Green With Envy, if you want to tweak with your card’s voltage settings (mainly used for overclocking or undervolting).

On my laptop I see

and on my desktop I see

Different processor, different GPU, different nvidia-settings displays.
Both are Fedora 36 and fully updated daily. Both have the exact same nvidia packages installed.

I would guess you would need to approach nvidia directly to find out why.

In your case most of these settings options are due to you using X11 instead of Wayland. NVIDIA’s Wayland support is still in its infancy, so not everything is there yet, and these X-related settings don’t make sense to show up when you’re not using it, so that’s why OP only gets those settings.

There are differences between wayland and xorg.
However, I am running xorg on both systems so it is hard to explain the differences seen.

yeah nvidia … why so limited?

im on a desktop and i used to be able to see other things on other distro’s
on my laptop it’s always been like this so i havent paid any mind but for my desktop i feel very limited

i rebooted my pc and enabled gnome over Xorg which for some reason seems to have solved the issue
i have no clue what the default was nor what the difference between Xorg, wayland and X11 are but this is what solved it…