How Can I install a Patched Nvidia Driver and Full Uninstalling & Cleaning Old Drivers' Dependencies

I am using Fedora 35 with 390.147 driver from rpmfusion
And since Fedora 36 will require me to install a patched driver for Kernel 5.17
Can someone explain me the steps to do this with a complete cleaning the old driver dependencies ?

question from a noob

Have you updated F35 to the latest kernel (5.17.4)?
If you have and the 390 driver is still functional then you should not need to do anything for the nvidia driver since F36 will be released with the 5.17.3 kernel and the first kernel update looks to be the 5.17.4 kernel.

the problem is
the driver didnt work on 35 with 5.17.4 :sweat_smile:
so i downgraded temporarily to 5.16.20
until I fixed it after 36 upgrade

I hope you are still using xorg for your desktop on F35. The nvidia drivers 470 and below do not work with wayland at all, and f35 and up all use wayland as the default desktop.

From what you posted, I assume you are still booting with the 5.16 kernel since 5.17 does not work with your nvidia driver.

My suggestion:
Replace whatever old nvidia GPU that requires the old 390 driver with a newer GPU that is supported with the newest 510 driver. That will give you all the latest features of wayland and the better and newer GPU that will likely be supported for some time now.

Barring that being done, I cannot assist since I do not have a GPU of that age in my system.


didn’t expect that it is that gloomy xD

maybe i’ll just have to wait until someone can help to solve this

and yeah im using xorg btw