Nvidia drivers drm error on fedora 30

Hello everyone.
I had Arch Linux before installing fedora,
And everything was fine.
However, After installing fedora 30, by using nouveau driver screen goes left on monitor after waking up from suspend.
So I installed NVIDIA drivers to get 3D support and fix this problem, but then System boots randomly, sometimes boot and sometimes not.
I get this error message by reading system log:

System encountered a non-fatal error in nv_drm_atomic_apply_modeset_config()

I was using NVIDIA drivers on Arch Linux and I had no problem.
Graphic Card: NVIDIA GT610
Driver: 390xx
Kernel: 5.1.9

is there any one?:neutral_face: pis pis

I also had some problems with nvidia drivers. I 'd suggest trying the negativo17 repository as well to see if it works. As a cautionary word - in my case - uninstalling or installing nvidia drivers caused me to have to re-install fedora.

Note: this is the suggested way of installing Nvidia drivers on Fedora


Seems like this was a temporary issue with the 390xx NVIDIA serie and the 5.1.x kernel.
This is now fixed in RPM Fusion.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with RPM Fusion using bugzilla.rpmfusion.org, specially on new major kernel updates.


thank you.
I’ll install again.
but what about nouveau? It was fine on Arch Linux but on Fedora After waking up from suspend the half of screen goes out of monitor screen.

For nouveau, I recommends to report issue to either:

You can also test if a rawhide nodebug kernel works better for you. and specially mention if it’s regression from a given kernel ?