Notifications are not clickable/working

New to Fedora and love it. Noticed a ‘bug’ with notifications and wondering if its just my machine doing it.

It relates to those notifications which appear up by the clock, click to expand. This behaviour is true for all notifications but to give an example:

I have a few threads on this forum. I had a few replies, the alerts/notifications for a reply show i that notification area. I saw the white dot, clicked to drop down and see three separate notifications. I clicked the bottom one, hoping the browser would open, but it doesnt. The notification I clicked disappeared but nothing else happened.

This is same for software updates, if i click I’d expect Software app to open but it doesn’t, I have to manually open it.

Is this a known issue or just a problem for me?

This behavior sounds like a known issue rather than a problem specific to your machine. In Fedora, clicking on notifications in the system tray typically should open the associated application or action, such as opening a browser for forum notifications or launching the Software app for updates.

However, if these actions are not being triggered when clicking on notifications, it could be due to a bug or misconfiguration in the notification system. You may want to check for any updates or patches for your Fedora installation, as well as browse through the Fedora community forums or bug trackers to see if others have reported similar issues and if any solutions or workarounds are available.

Thanks. Forgive my ignorance (I’m new here), but when you say i may want to check for updates or patches, not sure what the latter is exactly (or how to find any) but I regularly check for updates (GUI). Would that not bring in any new stuff?

I should note that I am using kernel 6.6.14 as this is the only one that supports my machine’s sleep/wake feature, it wouldn’t wake up on the newer 6.7.x kernel. Thanks to HammerheadCorvette for talking me through the tests to discover this!