Not enough disk space


I am not an advanced user, this may have an obvious answer;

I have a 500 gb m.2, I used halve of it, 250 gb to install Fedora, I chose the automatic LVM that Fedora does.

Last night, I tried installing Libre Office, came back an error about not enough disk space, I thought ‘no problem’, I will just resize it.

But on GParted, All I see is one LVM With 10% used, 90% free; I fail to understand how there is not enough space for Libre Office, nor how to resize such volumes. I do not mean to be silly.

I leave a screenshot.



Hello @anon51196573
What happens, I guess, is that the system partition is nearly full, while the home has a lot of free space, classic :smoking:
As far as I know, gparted is unable to handle LVM. Yeah, it can see the LVM partiton, but it can’t manage the content.
If you want a GUI, you can try blivet-gui, but as far as I can see, it is unable to resize mounted volumes (you should boot with a live system). Actually, LVM volumes could be resized even if they are mounted, but you have to use the command line (commands like lvresize, resize2fs, etc.).


Note that Ext4 supports only offline shrinking, and XFS does not support shrinking.
So, you need to either log out, unmount /home and perform the resizing from CLI, or boot from another drive, e.g. Live media.
Also, I recommend to use lvresize --resizefs instead of separate volume and file system resizing to minimize potential issues which may lead to data loss.

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I booted from a live media, I fixed the issue, but only temporarily, it goes at it again when I install more programs, ha.

I decided to reinstall my system, and this time I made the partitions myself, so far is good.



Btw, a simple command to check out free disk space is

df -h

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