I dont know where my storage space has gone?

Hello, new to Fedora.
I install it last night into a raid0 set-up. I have about 1TB available, but my home folder says that is full? Would someone mind helping me out?
It’s almost like each folder was given an allowance of how much space it can occupy
Thanks in advance!

In order to see what is happening please provide information about your partitioning. For starters you can update the question to include outputs of the following commands:


df -h
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I found out it was something I did when I installed it. I since reinstalled and should have posted. Thank you for trying to help me!

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For future reference, use disk usage analyser.

Edit: Alternatively, since you mention raid, such issues could be caused by partition-file system size mismatches. Those are more complicated and delicate and should be approached with care if suspected.

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Yes you are correct, there is a mismatch in size. I may reinstall before I get to far to deal with backing up a ton of files.

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