Missing disk space after F36 reinstallation

I installed the F37 beta, but couldn’t get wayland to work, so I reinstalled F36.

I am now missing most of my 1TB SSD. I have backups, so this isn’t a major disaster (though annoying) – but what could have happened?

That is (subtracting the size of the 128-GB kcore file),

# find / -ls | awk '{ sum += $7 } END { print sum -= 140737471594496 }'

produces 9,426,254,134 as the sum of the sizes of all files (9,205,326 1-k blocks).

However, df . shows 941,543,424 total blocks, 667,930,412 used blocks, and 271,397,556 available blocks.

So I’m missing 630 GB, which is about the size of the data I had before the reinstallation.

lsblk shows the expected partitions and sizes (biosboot, boot, efi, swap, and the home and root brtfs).

I have avoided, as much as is possible, writing anything to disk, though I’m hoping that my missing data is in some safe limbo-like place that I’ll eventually find a way to access.

Should I try to install F36 again?

Any other suggestions?

One possible explanation is:

You are using btrfs, and your pre-existing sub-volumes are not mounted.

Please double check.

I wonder why you are seeing biosboot and efi at the same time.
If you were to post the output of lsblk -o NAME,PATH,MOUNTPOINT,UUID,PARTTYPE,FSTYPE we could see exactly what might be the cause.

That was the clue I needed. Thanks.

I did have both home and root subvolumes mounted; however, it was a new (nearly empty) home partition; the data was in a separate (unmounted) home partition.

I’m not quite sure how I did that … but I was able to recover everything.

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