Not able to install themes

I downloaded a theme from Gnome look and extracted it in the .themes folder in home directory but I cannot see it in tweaks app in order to change it. Does anyone have any idea how to install themes from gnome look.

Close and re-open Gnome Tweaks so it can read the directories for changes.

It has no effect, I even rebooted my laptop

After extracting, enter theme’s directory. You should observe many files and directories such as
gtk-?.0. If you only see one directory, move that directory into ~/.themes. As an example, download theme “Sweet Dark” and extract in ~/.themes. Enter directory “sweet-dark” and move directory “Sweet Dark” into ~/.themes. I noticed your other question about missing Application option in Tweaks on different thread. If you open Tweaks → Appearance and Applications option is actually missing, I can only say re-install the application.

Thanks for replying, I did find a way to apply themes, using git clone which I found easier.