When I Change theme in gnome tweaks nothing changes and theme remains same in fedora 36

So I have tried to change theme in gnome tweaks and no theme changes in fedora 36.

and even I don’t get extention tab in gnome tweaks.

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Thank you for helping me in advance.

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I don’t think you can change the Gnome theme of libadwaita apps and it will only work on legacy applications.In case you didn’t know all apps that have a modern look & feel uses GTK4 with libadwaita which is not compatible with older GTK3 themes. I could be wrong though so if anyone more knowlegeable about this stuff feel free to correct me.

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This is a whole different app now:


For your theme—you first need to check if the theme is meant to work with the latest version of Gnome that Fedora ships with (as indicated in the other comment)