Noob instuctions on how to re-install windows

I had a friend walk me through how to install fedora onto my laptop. I’m pretty sure I deleted windows when I did this (it was a while back). I am no longer in touch with that friend but I need to install windows back onto my laptop. Can someone walk me through how to do this?
Ideally I would be able to dual boot but I’m not fussy, just some sort of instructions I can handle because I don’t understand what I’m doing.
(ps. I don’t want to run windows on a virtual machine)

First of all when you install Windows 10 again, then the boot-record will be modified by Windows and you see only Windows 10. So the best way for you to reinstall Windows 10:

  1. if you have a recovery partition on your machine for restoring Windows 10 then run the recovery process.
  2. if you have to install with an installation media then delete all partitions before installing Windows and afterwards setup Windows 10 as usual.

If you want Fedora too install it after Windows 10: create the neccessary partitions via Anaconda and setup Fedora.

For more informations about UEFI etc. concerning Fedora please read the Fedora installation guide. I have used it for myself some years ago it’s very helpfully and guides newbies too.


Thanks, but I don’t know how to tell if I have a recovery partition and I also don’t know how to install windows with an installation media. Are there any tutorials you can link me to?

Your computer documentation tells (system manufacturer) you if you have the opportunity for recovering your delivered system,when an OS was preinstalled. At least you need a license key for Windows 10. Here is an example how to create/install Windows from an installation media: Insert the created media and boot from it and the show goes on. Good luck.

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