Remodification of drive and remove windows and backup

I am in a dual boot state with windows 10(oem installed) home and fedora 35 workstation.
In last 6months i have never opened windows everything works on my linux system so i want to remove that windows stuff so i can have that free space for my own.
But i don’t want to delete that so if there a option to extract my windows partition around 14gb maybe and a 13 gb of recovery so if i need windows ever i can use it.
I will keep that windows in a drive or in cloud.

If you have never even done the first boot with windows the license is not registered to that machine and is not activated. Removing windows is easy by deleting the appropriate partitions, but reinstalling it and using it later may be a bit difficult since the license was never activated.

If you have done the first boot and the license is activated things are much easier. You can simply delete the windows partitions to allow use of that space. Later on, if you decide you actually want to use windows you can reinstall it and at first boot it will identify that machine as having an active license and you are good to go.

You can also use windows itself to create a recovery / reinstall image but only if the license has been activated.

I have turned on and booted to windows but never ever internet was given.

Don’t understand how will it work and there are 2 recovery partition also present 14 gb almost so hidden whatbto do with that.

If you did not allow the system to access the internet when you booted windows then that install will be effectively unlicensed.

windows on uefi boot installs 4 partitions. efi, hidden, OS, & recovery.

When you have installed dual boot, unless you created a second efi partition the fedora installer uses the existing efi partition. The other 3 can be totally removed if you desire to clean out the space. For a fully clean system with no traces of windows remaining you would also need to remove the /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft directory. Grub will continue to give the windows entry in your grub boot menu if it remains.

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