No way finish setup using the touch screen or witout keyboard


I am using a surface without a keyboard. so after the installation is finished it ask for the user name and other stuff. There is no way to get the on screen keyboard to type as it’s not turned on as an accessible setting section.


There is no way to get the on screen keyboard while in the setup window, and there is no way to go to settings app to turn the function on.

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Bugzilla report: #NNNN


Use a usb keyboard.


Please turn on the on-screen keyboard if a touch screen is detected or keep the on screen keyboard always.
Also make the install process little more touch friendly and able to access the keyboard in the installation process.

Hi @shaber. You need to file a bug, this is not the right place. Please file your bug at GNOME / gnome-initial-setup · GitLab . Thanks. Moving the topic to #english .

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I love gnome but those guys are not friendly at all. I don’t have the courage at all to argue with them. I will left it up to the fedora team.


This isn’t true. I mean sure, there are times where we disagree with each other (even in the Fedora community) but that does not mean that the community is “not friendly” in general. Please do file a bug there—that is the quickest way of ensuring a fix.

If you want to leave this with the Fedora community, you will at least need to file a bug on the Fedora bugzilla to make the Fedora maintainers aware of this issue—they may then be able to escalate it to the corresponding GNOME developers. It’s a longer route, though, and not as efficient/direct as filing a bug upstream.

(This forum is not a bug tracker and developers do not look here to find bugs—that just doesn’t scale.)

Have you tried with X vice Wayland?

It may be this

I had a fairly decent experience filing bugs against GNOME and didn’t feel like they were hostile at all.

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