F37 on tablet, on-screen-keyboard does not type (observed in Thunderbird)


The on screen keyboard is stuck in “suggest a word” mode (lists words above keys), and does not type to screen. AFAIK only “Enter” and “backspace” are relayed.
Issue first discovered in Thunderbird on a Dell Tablet (WACOM Touchscreen).
Freshly installed F37 Workstation.


Start Thunderbird,
“write” new message,
tap the “message text area” → the on-screen-keyboard does not appear,
pull up OSK (gesture: swipe from bottom up),
focus on “message text area” lost → tap again,
start typing.
Either no output appears, or suggestions are highlighted on OSK.
It looks like every key-touch is immediately backspaced.

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Once issue is triggered, other applications are potentially affected (launched Firefox and Chromium and saw same behaviour)


Reboot (or change tablet orientation to rotate screen once)

Hi, please file a bug against gnome-shell and link it here, thanks.

Raised issue on Gnome-shell gitlab and added screencast.

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I have removed “Typing Booster” to prevent typing suggestions to be displayed in the first place.
Therefore I have worked-around the issue.

The osk has been usable since removal of “Typing Booster”.