On Screen Keyboard doesn't register characters/typing in Flatpaks

Since Fedora 36, every time I try to use my touchscreen (tested on multiple devices now), I have the same problem.

Whenever I use flatpaks, tapping on a text entry field doesn’t open the on screen keyboard, and then even when I manually open them, characters aren’t entered into the selected field. The new word suggestion feature seems to pick up what I type, and backspace etc register, but not characters.

I’ve made sure all the apps are indeed opening in Wayland mode but beyond that I have no idea. The system interfaces and non-flatpaks are (generally) OK (although somewhat unstable and do develop randoms bugs at times but thats another issue)

I’ve been putting up with this for years but as more and more apps shift to predominantly Flatpak this is becoming really problematic for users with disabilities like myself who are basically dependant on touchscreens to use a computer at all, so I finally decided to take the time to type this up (which is hard!).

I’d really appreciate it if this could be fixed. Thanks

Video of the issue: Screencast from 2023-12-16 20-01-30