No surround sound from any browser fed 39 silverblue

Hi, I have been trying to get surround sound working with base image firefox and flatpak google but only get stereo sound. I can get 5.1 in vlc and kodi, but not in the browsers.
I have tried installing all of the different codecs that I can think of, but no luck at all.
Is it possible to get surround from the browser?

Is this implemented? According to, this isn’t.

Ok, not sure what exactly it was that I did but it is now working. I created a $HOME/.config/pipewire directory, and added some directories and configuration files from /usr/share/pipewire, but having taken out those config files and restarted pipewire/logged off-on they don’t seem to have an effect, but surround is now working fine.

It might be because pipewire runs in a systemd user space, and so wouldn’t necessarily have access to the files in /usr/share/pipewire.

So, using the fraunhofer test at

I am able to get 6 channels from firefox or chrome. However, when I run netflix or itvx on firefox, easy effects lists fraunhofer as 6 channel, and netflix and itvx as 2 channel.

If I run Netflix in google chrome with the extension ‘netflix 1080p’ with the extension option selected to use 5.1 when available, then the audio is listed as 5.1 in the netflix options, and easyeffects lists the tab as 6 channels, but I am only getting 2 channel audio from my amp.

Chrome and Firefox only seem to give stereo from other movie channels as well, such as amazon prime which advertises as 5.1 capable.
I just added the netflix addon to Kodi, and as it installs it installs the widevine codec. Easyeffects shows kodi with 8 channels, but audio is output as stereo.

I reckon that it is the fault of the widevine codec, being incompatible with linux.

VLC and KODI both play movies from my harddrive with 7.1.

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