No Sound on Sound Blaster AE-7

I have no sound on my Sound Blaster AE-7. I had sound on Ubuntu after jumping through some hoops. (I had to plugin something in the Speaker output so that the Headphone output I wanted to use became available). The sound card is visible in the sound setting. If I plug something into the speaker slot the headphone slot is selctable. If found the suggestion of replacing pipewire with pulse audio. That did not work. Any hints?

Hello Peter, pwdump is not useful to detect sound issues in Linux. Maybe your problem could be solved without heavy lifting.

I would recommend the following audio troubleshooting steps in the Slackermedia Handbook. If it does not solve, get the ALSA log using the command (source: Fedora Wiki: How to debug sound problems);

$ --no-upload

This script will download a file containing detailed information about your sound card with the name in the directory/tmp/alsa-info.txt

I believe the suggestion is misleading, I’m afraid. You could test it PulseAudio disabled as suggested in the Fedora Wiki. If possible, try that after you undo all the changes made.