No sound on 2017 Macbook (Intel i5)

I haven’t used Linux in over a decade but decided to try Fedora on my old Macbook. Everything is working fine except 2 things, one of which is sound.

Admittedly, I did opt to install the Fedora 38 beta but I don’t necessarily think that’s the underlying issue. I imagine it’s just some driver issue or something. I’ve tried searching, but most of the info online is from significantly older versions of Fedora.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks! (For context, I’m not a developer, but I’m savvy enough to follow instructions.)

Edit: I think I may have deleted one of the default apps that handled audio? I don’t recall what I deleted, but it looked like it did music of some sort. I thought I was safe to delete it since I don’t listen to music files…

If you used dnf to delete the audio app, you can get a history of dnf operations. Reinstalling the music app may pull in audio support. If that fails, you should search for your model at Linux Hardware. There is a very high probability that your model is in their database (probably for multiple distros) and you will be able to see what sound hardware is present and which driver is used (or, unlikely but possible, that sound does not work for your model on multiple distros!).

It is often impossible to provide precise instructions without exchanging dozens of messages to pin down key details. Issues with device drivers are common, and there are 1000’s of “easy step-by-step” instructions to enable devices on linux. You are better off learning how to use linux tools (such as dmesg and journalctl) to collect information. This should allow you to sort thru the existing instructions. If those fail, you will be in a good position to ask for and receive help without generating a long chain of messages.

Thanks, I ended up finally stumbling upon GitHub - leifliddy/macbook12-audio-driver: WIP audio driver for the cs4208 codec found in the 12" MacBook (MacBook9,1, MacBook10,1)., which did the trick.

Yes, especially if you’re not familiar with the hardware. The cirrus (CS4208) kernel driver only supports headphone output for the macbook8,1, 9,1, and 10,1 models. It does not support speaker output. That is the issue. No need to exchange dozens of message ; )