No Luck with WIFI Drivers

I recently got this laptop: HP Laptop - 14s-fq0013dx Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support
And the wifi drivers are the realtek rtl8821ce. I have had no luck being able to get this to work on Fedora 33. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. I am using Fedora KDE Plasma by the way (not sure if needed info)

Hello @airandsun4 and welcome to the community. Please read some useful information in the #start-here category

Talking about your issue, sorry but since I haven’t such device I don’t have a direct experience. But if you search here on Ask Fedora for the rtl8821ce, you can find other posts, maybe they can be useful.

As far as I know, Realtek produces a bunch of chipsets, and the shipped drivers coming with the kernel doesn’t act very well with some models, so you have to download them from some github repository and compile them. Sadly also this task is not always simple, and potentially sometimes it stop working with major kernel updates, so you have to reiterate the operation and keep a strict look to the mentioned github repository.

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Use kernel 5.9 or higer built in driver. This is a simplest way. Or custom driver for older kernel.