Night Light cli?

Hi there,

I started trying xfce as my only desktop, and for the most part I am dandy; the only thing I’m missing is that I don’t think it has a native Nightlight like gnome or kde;

I have tried redshift, but it bugged and my brightness got fix on a particular setting and I could not change it.

I only need to set a specific temp, and leave it there permanenty, I never touch it again. So, I’m sure there is some command tool I could use. I don’t want to risk it bugging it again. I want to ask before I do a boo-boo.

Anyone has done something of the sort? Thx.

Not a CLI, though.

Xfce 4.16 also promises a new “slide out” animation for panel’s autohide modes, the Launcher plugin will be able to display the desktop actions of a launcher item in the right-click menu, support for scaled mirror mode will be available in Display Settings, and a new “Night Light” feature in the Power Manager to reduce strain on the eyes.

Xfce 4.16 expected to arrive in mid-2020

Source: Softpedia.

Well, it is not that far away, i’ll see what I cando in the meantime.