Nextcloud systray icon is missing

Hi there,
I’ve installed the NextCloud client recently and the usual systray sync icon in the top panel doesn’t appear respective is missing (as it is usual to appear on ubuntu - that’s my background - i know they are having a custom gnome).
Instead on every restart respective login the sync/client window(see screenshot) pops up, because I ticked “Launch on system startup”.
I’ve searched for gnome-extensions already, but no luck yet.

Any suggestions? This problem doesn’t seem to occur on other distros so I’m really wondering what is causing the issue here.
Qt? gnome?
I’m running on fedora30 and I do have some gnome extensions installed, but even when disabling all of them the sync icon won’t appear.

Any help is appreciated.

I’ve found a solution here

You have to delay the autostart to let gnome finish it’s initial rendering process…
Under ~/.config/autostart/ you have to add in the relevant application file this parameter:

The value may vary for your case. Trial and error till it works… I’m using a gnome extension for the systray icons.

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@locke, I’ve seen in several places (one being FedoraMagazine), that it’s recommended to use TopIcons Plus extension for tray icons – and I do use it without issues for at least two or three Fedora releases now (though I don’t use NextCloud).

Can you test if you still need Autostart-Delay with TopIcons Plus?

I’ve tested the suggested approach with topicons plus before, but it didn’t work. That’s why I switched to the linked extension in the end.

However, adding manually the applications to autostart does work as well. This will let gnome take care of this without the hassle of the manual config hack.
It then should also work with topIconsPlus.

Thanks for clarification!