New to Linux problem with virtual env in Pycharm / Python

I am new to Linux (Fedora) and I have a problem. I am using Pycharm Professional and I have made a virtual env, and that works great i installed all the packages and in the Pycharm terminal and everything works But when I open system Terminal and then go to the project directory, active virtual env I am not able to use pip

I reinstalled pip but still the same problem.

The python executables in your screenshot are red, probably indicating that they’re broken symlinks. You can check that with ls -l.

Did you get Pycharm from Flathub? If so, the flatpak runtime used by PyCharm has python 3.11 whereas Fedora 39 has python 3.12. I guess this would mean that a virtualenv created inside flatpak cannot be used outside, and vice versa.

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Yes! Thank you so much I just installed python 3.11 and set it as a default python version and it works now