Pycharm from flathub doesn't recognize python3.11

I installed the pycharm professional version from flathub in Gnome software, but it doesn’t recognize the python3.11 in my system. It only shows there are two versions of python, python3.10 and python3

but I don’t even have the python3.10 in the /bin directory, I tried the pycharm tarball from their website, it works fine, it does show the two correct versions that actually exist in my /bin, python3.11 and python3

Take into account that flatpaks are sandboxes[1]. So their environment is self contained inside themselves. Therefore it doesn’t matter what’s installed in your system inside the /bin directory. The application will see what is installed inside the sandbox, in the /bin directory of the sandbox.
Probably there is a way to install Python 3.11 inside the sandbox using Pycharm tools/setting.

  1. Yes people, :smiling_face: please avoid all the story that flatpaks aren’t sandboxes and so on, because we risk to go off topic. Yes it depends on the permission granted to the flatpaks, Flatseal and so on ↩︎