New subcategory for Machine learning


Would it be possible to create a new subcategory “Machine learning” in the Special interest groups category? It would be also nice if @lbalhar (me) and @dhanesh95 would be admins of this subcategory.

We are trying to revive the Fedora ML SIG and we think that it might be useful to use this platform for open discussions instead of mailing lists where nobody can find us.

Thank you and sorry if this is not the right place or form how to request a new subcategory.



Could somebody help us? Should I create an issue somewhere else?

I tried to see if I could do this but I don’t have permissions. It must be done by a site admin, which are currently @sanja, @mattdm, @puiterwijk, @bex, and @msuchy.

If you’re deadset on using a Discorse subforum where nobody will find you,
would you consider bridging it to a mailing list?

I am sorry but I don’t understand you. I’d like to let people around Fedora know that AI/ML SIG is active (again) and bring them to our conversations. Do you think that a mailing list is more visible? Joining a mailing list means that you already know that a mailing list (or a group) exists and you have to intentionaly find its address and join it. Here, I can imagine that somebody will just spot some of our discussion and join it or at least will know that we are here in case they’d need us.

Do you think I am wrong and having a subcategory here is not a good idea?

Without data or metrics about mailing list usage, it is difficult to assert that Discourse is hard to discover. We do have some data on Discourse page view metrics, with about ~2000 views each day and better discoverability in search engines:

@lbalhar The platform should make sense for your audience. Whether platform X or platform Y makes your discussion more visible depends on who is in your community and who you are trying to reach out to. Personally I think the improved search engine optimization of Discourse makes it easier for new people to discover conversations in Google/DuckDuckGo/et al, but this is only one factor.

It is also worth noting Fedora Infrastructure no longer supports mailing lists:

RE: No longer supporting mailing lists:
This project literally cannot function without mailing lists. We do not
currently have a viable alternative. See all of the issues we’ve had trying to
work with Mailing List mode on Discourse. It is not a complete feature, so we
(at least I) cannot recommend switching to it at this time.