Haskell subcategory under SIGs

I would like to request adding a Haskell subcategory under Special Interest Groups
(in addition to the existing subcategories for Go, Rust, etc).


Hi @petersen, the new forum category is created! Please read the following instructions carefully, as this is important to understand how to manage the category and add new moderators.

A new forum category and a new forum group were created:


You, @petersen, are the “owner” of the Haskell SIG forum group. This means that you are able to add, remove, and edit the group. Adding new people to this forum group will also grant them limited moderator privileges only in the Haskell SIG category.

Please add any other members of the Haskell SIG to this forum group, and they will also appear across the forum as “Haskell SIG Member”.

Next, please edit this starting post that describes the category. The first paragraph you type in this thread will appear in multiple places across the site and also on search engines:

If you have any other questions, please let us know here. Happy posting! :tada: