New post: Fedora 34 on Vexxhost!

Earlier today, I worked with Mohammed Naser to get Fedora 34 (and soon, Fedora 35) into Vexxhost. Vexxhost is an OpenStack public cloud provider in Canada.

I’d like to write about this so people know about it!

$ openstack image list | grep "Fedora 34"
| ce57cdfe-b7f4-4cd4-b1d2-54a8aeaed2f5 | Fedora 34 (aarch64) [2021-04-27]          | active |
| 9b8639fa-5555-4c39-a6d6-a270a7b497dc | Fedora 34 (x86_64) [2021-04-27]           | active |

Sounds good to me. +1 :slightly_smiling_face:

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I haven’t used this new process before. Do I wait for someone to give me the go ahead and then I start drafting something in Wordpress? :thinking:

The 2 votes rule was made at a time when there were more editors to critique the article proposals. We are down to just 2 editors now though, so it is OK to just assume that Richard will also approve your proposal and to go ahead and start writing your article. :slightly_smiling_face:

does the second +1 need to come from someone else on the blog group? If not, then I will +1. This is a great “FYI” and raises awareness for Fedora Cloud.

It is good enough for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve created card #400 to track this article. Please move the card to the “Review” column when you think your article is ready for publication.

wonder if we shouldn’t wait for the f35 new cycle to spin up to land this article and rename it Fedora 35 on VexxHost!

That plan works for me. We could draft the post and have it ready for the Fedora 35 release day (or when the images make their way into Vexxhost).