Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #389: [Urgent] Cloud variant branding for F36

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Ticket text:

On keeping the branding for the subpackages and dropping the word edition, i think that’s a fine way to handle it for the F36 release. From the Cloud working group perspective, we have jointly discussed “Fedora Cloud Base” as a good name for now and in the future. The word “edition” isn’t a necessity, it’s a status and the state is more important than the word. OTOH, it’s hard to identify the state accurately without the word so we may need it for reasons as yet to be identified.

Let’s not rehash the same discussion we had at the time that the cloud edition issues around go/no-go for f35 originally surfaced; I don’t see a reason to have it again. This discussion is about a name change in F36 while we restore cloud to edition status

On retiring that cloud-specific branding and calling it Fedora: I think that’s good if you are considering it as a generically applied condition and you remove the distinction from everything, but that was a part of the original discussion and I don’t want to rehash it here if we can avoid it.

On the Fedora Server branding, we have also discussed why this isn’t specifically appropriate in the previous discussion thread. It is summarized in the Cloud working group’s correction of errors report from the F35 release. See the section Why isn’t the Fedora cloud image just a derivative of Fedora {Server,Workstation} edition?


If the Cloud WG feels like things are in good shape to fill the requirements for keeping this as an Edition for F37, I’m fine with waiving the name as-is for another release — it seems like making work for ourselves to change it and put it back again. (But, I tend to be a more than a little less process-detail-oriented than some of us, and… I’ve learned to appreciate and listen when the process-detail-oriented folks say it’s worth going through formalities.)

I do feel like the team makes a pretty good case for a separate Edition, although I feel like that then leaves some resolution to work on compared to Fedora CoreOS in the future. (But that’s a whole different topic — if anyone wants to discuss that now, new thread please.)