Fedora Cloud — Edition, not an Edition, and the future

I think that underestimates the requirements around running in the various environments. Minimizing the effort and activities of the very capable people who work on it. I can run FCOS and K8s all day, but Fedora Cloud is a better starting point for efforts around VDI on Amazon and next generation components for efforts there and I know that others feel so as well because they don’t ask for Workstation or Server.

Cloud gets to deal with platform issues, like the use of swapfiles and power management in opportunistic compute power. Is that an issue for Fedora Server? It might be a problem you want to resolve on workstation, but using a swapfile would be a strong deviation from the best practices – I would call it misleading and out of scope. It’s a single example. I can go on, but I think the point is clear. Cloud enables a lot of enterprise level support that doesn’t fit the server or other domains, per se.