New installation options

Been waiting for the new distro for a while, and I am definitely looking forward to it’s release! But I wanted to come here to say what the new installation options are like in the (maybe new) installer. I’ve read somewhere that ALARM minimal will still be an option, but what will the other new installer options look like? Also, when I last installed the default option, (ALARM with KDE) the KDE install came with essentially every single KDE application to date. Will this be the same in Fedora, or will it only come with the most minimal of utilities, something which would be heavily appreciated. Thank you all and I wish all of you all a lovely upcoming weekend! :slight_smile:

We’ll have four variants – KDE, GNOME, Server and Minimal. KDE and GNOME match the setup that Fedora Workstation offers, meaning a polished desktop experience with a meaningful set of default packages installed. Fedora Server is designed for servers and other unattended systems without a GUI (though one can be installed if wanted). Minimal is the bare minimum set of packages for a working system and is meant for folks that want to fully customize their install.


Thats great to hear, thank you!