GNOME & KDE on Same Install

I’m a long-time GNOME fan and user who played around with KDE Neon and was really impressed, so I’m interested in installing the KDE Desktop on my virgin Fedora 40 install; however, I’m a bit reluctant because when I’ve done this in the past—with both Fedora and other distros—it borked so many things.

Has having multiple DEs come a long way? Thanks for the input…

You shouldn’t have any issues. I just did it while testing out dnf5. Just follow the instructions here:

I’ve always had GNOME on my machines because I’m lazy and just install workstation and then add on KDE. I’m a KDE user.

I also have both GDM and SDDM installed, and I use SDDM normally.

I did chuckle at the number of GNOME options in the SDDM menu.

Thanks for the response and it’s good to know it seems to work flawlessly. Admittedly, I haven’t done it in quite a while; KDE3 might’ve been the last time I played around with it and it seemed like GTK and QT were fighting over everything on my machine.

I mean, Linux is the OS of “choice,” right? :rofl:

Would you recommend the “full set” or just the DE?

I just installed @kde-desktop-environment. If you want sddm or any other packages you can install them as the need arises. If you have any issues or questions, please post, but I believe you’ll be fine.

Thanks, again, for the help… Let’s see how this rolls. :slight_smile:

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