Network manager slowing down boot and (randomly) being disabled

I got a new Laptop, I hope this is the last problem.

It has an Intel Wireless-AC 9260 Wifi card, was an upgrade.

I have often really slow boot because network-manager waits until its connected.

Also sometimes (have to find out when exactly) it is just off and I havent found a way to enable it again.

I also didnt have wifi in the Anaconda installer, but in KDE it worked.

[Here is a site from linux-hardware](Wireless-AC 9260), it seems to be supported well and natively

Please make a inxi -Fzx and post the output here. So we do see the whole picture and can better give you some recommendations.

It looks like that Network Speed really depends on a good working driver. I had similar issues with speed on my computer. Till I changed the adapter. Fortunately I had two build in adapters with two different brands.

Since I chosen the integrated one from Intel with a more famous driver I do have much more peace with networking.

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My networking speeds are okay and the driver is in the kernel for a long time officially. The guy I bought the laptop from on purpose switched that card in XD ironic

That command doesnt work?

If not available you have to install it with sudo dnf install inxi sorry forgot to mention.

The issue was solved with a newer kernel!

I wont layer inxi, as its not preinstalled on Kinoite

is lspci present?
lspci | grep -i "network\|wireless\|ethernet"

If it happens again you may also want to look at:
journalctl -b -u NetworkManager.service -u NetworkManager-wait-online.service

It helps if we know what OS is installed since the commands are different on those with the immutable file systems. ostree command vs dnf commands specifically, among others.

I replaced the KDE tag with Kinoite so we see that you use a immutable OS.

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It was Kinoite, inxi not installed. But the issue was fixed through a newer Kernel.