Network Manager Issue

I suggested one of my friend to try fedora. He installed F37 after update it got F38. After the update he facing issues that his wifi is connected but internet is not working i tried few fixing but didn’t work.

Need help from community

Are there any network related errors in the logs ?

Yeah Network Manager.service not working as you can see above screenshot

That’s not enough as not working services might fail due to many different (sometimes multiple) reasons. Devil’s in details and the details might be in log files.

In GUI - hit Super key and start typing ‘log’, you should get that icon on the left:

Then search for errors. Then use google or ask more specific questions here.

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Please check now

That command in that screenshot is not correct. All lowercase was used.
It should be sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager.service.

That is not from the logs, and you were asked if there were related errors in the logs.
journalctl -b -u NetworkManager should tell you what is logged for the most recent boot and may reveal the problem.

Since images cannot be searched nor quoted it is preferred that all posts are done with actual copy & paste of text from the screen whenever possible using the preformatted text tags to retain formatting as seen on the screen. (the </> button on the toolbar).

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Apologies, but it doesn’t work that way as each line “hides” the details and I cannot “expand” hidden lines in the picture. You can export the log as text file, upload it to some file sharing service (e.g., pastebin) then share the link here.

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Also i can’t share log file bcz internet not working and i had take pictures of it with my phone😕

P.S.: as per @computersavvy suggestion try the sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager.service, with proper name of the service. The sudo systemctl status NetworkManager.service might also indicate root cause as well as it prints diagnostic info summary.

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Open Terminal application and type ping, let it run for few seconds, press Ctrl + C and then please share the output.

Excellent! Now try visit your favorite web site in your browser, please.

The last line of those screen shots show the device is activated.
If the ping fails try ping
The problem may be dns and not the device or network.


Sorry, only now noticed the ping could reach

Didn’t working with any thing even with mobile internet

I notice kernel a issue shared above. Can going back to previous kernel will fit it?