Needing to handoff Mobile SIG packages

Looking for help maintaining packages relating to Mobile SIG such as the Phosh Desktop Environment and related software.

Can be seen here too Packager Dashboard

I need to step back for a while and take care of some offline things and won’t be able to contribute as much to packaging. I’ve already started falling behind sometimes and I don’t want to be a blocker for the SIG. If anyone is interested in helping that would be amazing.

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Thank you very much for all you’ve done, @torbuntu! I’m currently helping package stuff on pmOS so I can’t take on more, but just wanted to say I super appreciate all you’ve done!

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Thanks for sheparding things along and hopefully we can find some folks
to help.

I would say that I can, but realistically, I have too much on my list

That said, I would be happy to help someone(s) else do this. :slight_smile:

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I think I could help with chatty (possibly with calls too) so where do I start?

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Thank you for your interest and apologies on my late response.

I’ve added you to both packages:
Calls looks like it has an available upgrade GNOME / Calls · GitLab
This one is usually one of the easier packages to work with.

Chatty has moved to World / Chatty · GitLab from Librem5 / chatty · GitLab but I don’t see any update yet.

Better late than never :slightly_smiling_face:

Alright, thank you for the information.

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