Websites and Apps team status update, and prioritization request

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Sounds good. @council, your thoughts?

@t0xic0der — can you remind me what the fedmsg integration in Mote (the software to archive and display meeting logs) did previously?


Earlier, there was a topic which had the substring .meetbot.meeting.complete which was selectively taken up by the fedmsg consumer to know about the meetings which recently finished. This helped us know immediately know about the event of completion of a meeting and therefore, can feed into a popup notification on the frontend or some other such active purpose.

We would like something of that sort mote/ at v1 · fedora-infra/mote · GitHub to be available for the rewritten version of Mote (dubbed Mote 2.0 or Fragment or just Mote) which you can find here GitHub - fedora-infra/mote: Python Flask project used to aggregate and distribute IRC meeting minutes and logs for the Fedora Project with the use of Fedora Messaging.

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I agree with some of the thoughts expressed elsewhere: Easyfix is a nice idea, but the execution is hard. It’s probably better to retire it than to try to spend a lot of precious time to make it work.

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I’m not experienced with Fedora-Messaging, so I may not have all informations in hands.
The version of meetbot we are currently using is already ported to fedora-messaging. So if all it needs is someone to (re)write the consumer to handle the popup notification, I think I can take care of that.

Now we are talking about status update, here is a little update on the fedora websites side of thing and what has been happening in the last months.
Nothing big but a few small changes are on their way:

  • Repository cleaning:
    Obsolete websites are going to be removed from the fedora-websites repository. This include:

    Unmaintained translation files have been removed. They’re managed in a dedicated repository by Weblate for a long time now.

  • New logo update:
    Almost all websites & docs.fp-o now use the new logo as favicon.

  • Introducing CI for websites:
    A new CI pipeline has been set up to build and preview changes made with PRs on fedora-website repo.

  • Moving away from python 2.7:
    The build script is currently running on a RHEL7 box, preventing us to migrate to python3.
    A move to Openshift 4 is in the work, and will allow us to move forward on this topic.
    This is currently waiting for infrastructure folks and OCP4 cluster availability.

  • Rename master branch to main
    Action plan have been laid down. Not started yet.

This is non-exhaustive and only list actions I am (or was) involved with.