My mouse cursor shake and move automatically

Hey I am having a issue whenever I type any thing in terminal many times the mouse cursor shakes jump and move please tell me the solution using fedora 39 in dual boot on ASUS laptop

It’s probably a hardware problem. It could be something as simple as a low batteries in your mouse.

but i am using wired mouse not a wireless one which needs betteries

Are you resting your palms on the front part of the laptop while you type? If so, does the problem stop if you keep your hands (palms) from touching the laptop as you type? I remember reports about some cheap laptop designs where the touchpad was being triggered even when it wasn’t directly touched.

i am not resting my palms on the mouse i dont know why this problem occurs

Um, that isn’t exactly what I asked. Just to be sure, you are aware that there are two separate physical devices capable of moving your mouse pointer right? The touchpad is not the same thing as the mouse. The touchpad is typically a square or rectangular area right in front of the spacebar on a laptop.

yeah i know that actually i put my phone in touch pad maybe because of that i was facing cursor shaking problem i removed my phone and now its okay i dont have any problem right now ty for your efforts

also if anyone having the same issue and they are putting mobile on thier front touchpad then its better to disable the touchpad from the settings

I am having also the same problem on F39 with the touchpad. Without even touching it, it starts move randomly and then stops. I don’t think it is hardware related. No problem on Windows10 and no problem when using a mouse.